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Congressi e Corsi


30th Pezcoller Symposium
Overcoming the innate resistance of cancer to therapy

Trento, Italy • 25-26 June 2018
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International Workshop on
Tumor evolution and heterogeneity of the cancer genome: challenges and opportunities for precision medicine

Rome, Italy • 22-23 March 2018
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3rd MetaboMI Meeting
Lipidomics in metabolism and diseases challenges in technologies and applications

Milan, Italy • 23 May 2018

2nd Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control in Life Processes
8th International p63/p73 Workshop

Frankfurt, Germany • 2-6 September 2018

EMBO Workshop
Enzymes, biocatalysis and chemical biology: the new frontiers

Pavia, Italy • 9-12 September 2018

XV FISV Congress 2018
Rome, Italy • 18-21 September 2018




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