Meetings and courses

Il futuro dell'agricoltura italiana:
Più conoscenza per ettaro

Rome, Italy • 8 July 2019


6th International Synthetic and Systems Biology Summer School (SSBSS)

Pisa, Italy • 22-26 July 2019

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Scuola estiva 2009-2019:
"10 anni di formazione intensiva nella comunicazione della ricerca scientifica"

Pieve Tesino (TN) • 27-30 Agosto 2019


Summer School “Model-Guided Data Science”

Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Italy
2-6 September 2019


ABCD 2019
The Biennial Congress of the Italian Association of Cell Biology and Differentiation

Bologna, Italy • 19-21 September 2019

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CRUK–AACR Joint Conference on Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology 2019

London, UK • 15-17 October 2019


From basic cancer research to innovative therapies

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel • 2-4 March 2020