SIBBM Seminar

Frontiers in Molecular Biology

5° Seminario SIBBM

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The last decade has been marked by impressive technological progress leading to the generation of massive amount of biological data. The post-genomic era has concentrated on harvesting the fruits hidden in the genomic text and great advances have been made in deciphering our genetic code. However, the basis of our genome, the DNA, still hides numerous fundamental biological questions that remain unanswered. This meeting aims at giving participants an overview of the basic science underlying crucial aspects of cellular and molecular biology keeping the "DNA world" as the common thread linking the scientific sessions. Frontiers in Molecular Biology will include sessions focusing on signaling from the membrane to the nucleus, genome stability and DNA repair, stem cell biology and reprogramming. A last session will be focused on gene networks and the use of bioinformatics analysis and mathematical modeling to understand complex systems. Our objective is to critically review the state of the art concerning these key aspects of cellular biology. We believe that understanding the basis of cellular functions and its relation to DNA structure and versatility will provide the scaffold to develop new strategies for the translation of basic discoveries into clinical applications.

At the end of the meeting the "Chiara D'Onofrio Giovani" prize will reward the best oral presentation and paper presented. The award mechanism is based on an assessment and decision taken "on the spot" by the SIBBM committee along with members of the Steering Committee of the Foundation Chiara D'Onofrio and the organizers of the seminar. The amount of the premium is fixed at €1000.


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