The SIBBM logo

Ferruccio Ritossa

The logo chosen for the SIBBM is the sculpture titled Molecular Orgasm, by Ferruccio Ritossa. Born in Istria in 1936, graduated in Agriculture in 1959, he served as Professor of Genetics at the Universities of Bologna and Bari, Ritossa is famous for having discovered the phenomenon of chromosomal puffing as a result of heat shock in Drosophila. A scientist of great wit and curiosity, after he left the academic world in 1992, he devoted himself to sculpture, producing beautiful works, admirable for his intellectual synthesis and the his hints of the research world which he presented in an often ironic and elegant way in his sculptural art and vice versa. Ferruccio Ritossa passed away on January 9th 2014, leaving deep regret among his students, colleagues and friends.