Membership benefits

Travel grants

The SIBBM is awarding travel grants (max. 350 EUR per person) to Ph.D. students or postdocs who are SIBBM members with fully paid fees.

Please note that you cannot benefit from a travel grant and a visiting fellowship in the same year.

The travel grant can be used to attend International Conferences, Workshops or Courses abroad related to the research project of the applicant. An application for a travel grant has to be submitted to SIBBM offices prior to the journey and has to contain the following information:

  1. CV and current project of the applicant. If the applicant is part of a PhD program, details of the PhD School in which the applicant is enrolled.
  2. Title, place and date of the activity (e.g. conference,) the abstract submitted by the applicant, and a letter of acceptance by the Conference/Workshop/Course.
  3. A letter from the PhD Coordinator declaring that the PhD student has no other forms of support for meeting participation.

Applications should be sent to

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